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Merchant Cash Advance Funding

merchant cash advance is an alternative way to fund your business. It is an unsecured cash injection which is repaid based on your businesses future credit and debit card sales.

The MCA provider will give you capital upfront and will deduct an agreed percentage (usually around 10%) from your future card sales until the advance is fully repaid.

It’s a very popular choice with all businesses that accept card payments such as Restaurants, Pubs, Salons, Hairdressers, MOT Service Centres, Independent Retailers, Hotels and B&Bs.

Key benefits include:
• Unsecured finance
• Get up to 100% of your average month’s income
• Payback as you earn
• Keep existing PDQ provider (Some may need for you to change)
• Quick and easy process
• Cash sales are safe

Fast Flexible Funding

• Quick and Easy application process 95% approval rate

• No Security or Business Plans are needed

• All in One inclusive cost NO fees no APRs

• No fixed terms or monthly repayments

How does a Cash Advance Work?

Raise between £10,000 and £300,00 in unsecured finance for your business today with business cash advance using One business Solutions Repayments are taken from a small percentage of your future debit and credit card payments.

You only repay us when your customers pay you so when sales are down repayments are lower simple.

We at one business solutions can help you get funding you need. 

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